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Mini ups RFQ



Q: What does This Product Do?

A:The Router Mini-UPS powers your ADSL modem during power outage; simply plug it into the ADSL modem to keep the router switched-on for up to 3 hours when the power is out.


Q: Is this product available for anyone even non link customers?

A: In order to be able to buy this device you need to be an active customer at LINKdsl.


Q:What are the specifications?

A: Model: UPS9V12A
    Capacity: 14.8wh
    Input voltage: 9V±5%
    Input current:≤1000mA
    Output voltage:9V±5%
    Output current:≤1000mA
    Working temperature:-20°C~65°C
    Charging time: 5~8 hours
    Size: 111x60x26mm

Q: Do I need to configure it?

A: No, all you have to do is to plug the Router Mini-UPS between the ADSL modem and the power adapter.


Q: What should I do if the device malfunctioned?

A: If you have a problem in your device and it is still in the warranty time please visit our CSO or call on 16333 for assistance.


Q: Can I use it for other devices?

A: The Router Mini-UPS is designed to support the ADSL modem and all 9V/1A electronic products


Q: How can I maintain the device lifetime?

A: When stored, the Router Mini-UPS will self-discharge at a rate that is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. The Router Mini-UPS should therefore be fully charged before being put into storage and if it is to be stored for a long period it should be recharged periodically to prevent it from losing its original capacity. As a guide, the Router Mini-UPS should not be stored for longer than the periods shown below without being recharged:

6 months at 20°C
3 months at 30°C
2 months at 35°C
If the Router Mini-UPS was not used for long time, it is suggested to charge it once every 3~5months



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